Sunday, 26 October 2014

I think I need an operation!

So prior to my Kalymnos trip I had been down a slate mine in north wales, during my time in the mine i slipped and a large piece of slate had managed to imbed its self in my hand. But being a true soldier i pulled it out and escaped the mine. I left my wound to heal hand headed out to Kalymnos, six weeks later a lump formed on the scar tissue where i had been stabbed I left it a while but it grew so i headed down to my local GP where he proceeded to send me for X-ray's. My hand was scanned and unbenounced to me there was to large shards of slate embedded in my hand  around 1 inch long and 3mm thick :/ so the next morning i am in theatre undergoing an operation to remove the foreign body. Anyway the moral is get things checked and dont leave it im glad it all went smooth but it could have been alot worse.

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